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Mateusz Smoczyński & Stephan Braun – Keep On Turnin’

Seifert Records CD-FZS-6 (2020)

Mateusz Smoczyński – violin, baritone violin
Stephan Braun – cello, 5-string cello percussion

Mateusz Smoczyński and Stephan Braun are among the best musicians in the world using unconventional playing techniques on stringed instruments. Their unique way of playing the violin and cello is very characteristic and allows them to achieve a one-of-a-kind sound, rhythm, and groove Both artists are recognized and in-demand improvisers who participate in many exceptional projects. Their joint album Keep On Turnin’ features hits from the 80s and 90s by musicians such as Stevie Wonder, Brecker Brothers, and John Scofield.

  1. Higher Ground (Stevie Wonder) 4:18
  2. Some Skunk Funk (Randy Brecker) 7:13
  3. Stratus (Billy Cobham) 4:51
  4. Black Ice In Rio (Stephan Braun) 5:31
  5. Fat Lip (John Scofield) 3:57
  6. Pools (Don Grolnick) 6:17
  7. Trane’s Mode (Mateusz Smoczyński) 2:44
  8. Turbulent Plover (Zbigniew Seifert) 5:40
  9. Pass It On (Dave Holland) 5:24
  10. Nothing Personal (Don Grolnick) 3:53
  11. Invitation (Bronisław Kaper) 3:24
Sound engineer: Łukasz Olejarczyk
The recordings were made at Recpublica Studio in Lubrza on April 10-11, 2019.
Miks & Mastering: Jan Smoczyński, Studio Tokarnia, Nieporęt.
Photos: Zuzanna Specjał.
Graphic design: Jacek Zygmunt
Producers: Aneta Norek-Skrycka, Magdalena Warejko, Tomasz Handzlik

I came across the music of Stephan many years ago while looking for jazz musicians playing string instruments. As soon as I heard him on YouTube, I was inspired by his playing style and the way he uses his instrument. I was extremely impressed by the way he handles unconventional techniques and the creative manner of using the loop machine. Over the years, I have learned a lot from listening to his recordings. But what I liked the most was his feeling, time and groove. I knew that one day I would like to perform with Stephan.

In 2009, during one of my tours, I had the opportunity to meet Stephan personally and immediately asked him about the chance to play together. It was then that I suggested we play together. The possibility of bringing Stephan to Poland occurred in 2016, and we have performed regularly together since then. Od tego czasu regularnie ze sobą współpracujemy. For our first recording we have chosen the songs of our idols from the 1990s, mainly funk music. It was an extremely natural process. This music performed on string instruments is a very unusual combination, but it is so much fun!

Mateusz Smoczyński

Years ago a friend told me about Mateusz and his virtuoso jazzy violin playing. I was immediately fascinated when I heard him playing for the first time in a jazz club in Berlin. We talked after the concert and decided to work together as a duo. I noticed very soon that we had similar preferences, such as playing groovy and complex jazz pieces as well as using effect devices and loop machines. Mateusz’s flexible and versatile violin playing gives me a lot of musical freedom as a cellist. Our duo’s concerts thrive on a high level of spontaneity and creativity – always in flux!

Most of the songs selected for our album are actually associated with larger fusion and soul bands from the 1990s. Interpreting this music on just two string instruments is great fun for us, and gives us the opportunity to show the world a new face of the violin and the cello. Interpretowanie tej muzyki tylko na dwóch instrumentach smyczkowych daje nam dużo radości, ale stwarza też możliwość prezentacji światu brzmienia skrzypiec i wiolonczeli z zupełnie innej perspektywy.

Stephan Braun


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